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Overview of Family Law


The section of the law that deals with issues related to the family unit is known as Family Law. This section also stipulates how things such as surrogacy, adoption, child abductions, paternity cases, child adoption, division of family property, alimony, child custody, child visitation rights, child maintenance, civil unions, domestic partnerships and other domestic relations should be handled. Click here to get started.


Over the last few years, there has been an increases in family law cases in Stockton. Majority of the cases involve divorce, contest paternity suits and adoption of children.


Family law attorneys indicate that Stockton Family Law is different from other branches of the law because it deals with sensitive private matters. Family lawyers represent clients who have any type of case that falls under Family Law. The attorneys may also act as negotiators, conciliators, mediators, and counselors in the cases. Sometimes, the courts where Family Law cases are adjudicated may act as mediators. Here, the role of the court may be to reconcile family members and enable them to solve their disputes amicably to ensure their relationship is not strained.


The substance of family law varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. This is because the law mainly follows the society where it is applied. For example, in societies where same sex unions is not accepted, Family Law requires such unions not to be recognized as legal under the law.


Like is the case with other branches of the law, Stockton Family Law has undergone some changes over the years in line which changing family values. For example, the law has tried to legalize "come we stay" relationships if parties have lived together for a certain period of time. Visit website for more details.


Another modern trend in Family Law is collaborative law. This law is a structured process that attempts to make it easier for parties involved in disputes such as divorce find a way of solving their disputes instead of going through the lengthy and costly court process. Under collaborative law, the parties involved in a civil union or marriage can take control of their destiny by hiring family lawyers to help them solve the matter. When the lawyers are hired and agreement is reached, the parties will not have to go through the courts to solve the dispute.


Stockton Family Law often discourages parties from bring divorce cases to court because the court decisions usually have a win-lose outlook. Apart from this, the complex and expensive court litigation process may leave both parties in a divorce frustrated. Visit for more information.